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Martial Arts Training – Using a Pen For Self-Defense

May 18, 2010 by admin  
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One of the biggest problems with most martial arts training programs, is the tendency to limit yourself to only learning the “official” weapons of your chosen style. The alternative is to borrow the Ninja’s ability to see beyond the form of any particular weapon, and recognize the truth that anything can be pressed into service [...]

Self Defense – 5 Powerful Methods For Escaping From a Wrist Grab

May 13, 2010 by admin  
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Dealing with, and escaping from a wrist grab is one of those “universal techniques” taught within practically all martial arts and self defense programs. However, as with all techniques that seem simple, it’s important for you to understand that attacks in the real world are rarely as clean and simple as they are in your [...]

3 Of The Best Self Defense Techniques

April 19, 2010 by admin  
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Self defense moves (also known as self defense techniques) are commonly talked about. It seems as though everyone wants to show to you what they think are some of the best self defense techniques or moves. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t all that useful. A fair percentage of them just aren’t effective in real fighting [...]

Self-Defense With A Walking-Stick – The Different Methods Of Defending Oneself

April 15, 2010 by admin  
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It is recognized that the art of self-defense with a walking cane or sword cane differs basically from single-stick, for a man may be a adept in the use of sword or single-stick and yet unable to put a walking-stick to any efficient use as a weapon of defense. The simple cause for this is [...]

Where Should I Strike An Attacker?

March 26, 2010 by admin  
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Whenever I do a conduct a seminar with a group of women and I ask them where the best place to strike a man would be, they almost always agree to strike him in the groin! Don’t get me wrong, the groin is a great place to strike but you don’t always get to choose. [...]

Tips on Taekwondo Training

March 20, 2010 by admin  
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I would like to offer a few tips on the subject of Taekwondo training, which may help you a lot.

Hand Techniques tips

When delivering such a technique, try to keep it as clean as possible. When doing punches you should always keep your thumb wrapped around the outside of your hand. Hand techniques should be performed [...]

7 of the Best Strikes to Use in Self Defence

March 19, 2010 by admin  
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This article describes what I feel to be 7 of the best strikes to use in a Self Defence situation. This is determined by the versitility, effectiveness, and ease of use of the strike. Technically, they are not all strikes.
Although not really a strike, if used right, Screaming can be one of the most effective [...]

Suggestions for Woman on Carrying Self Defense Products

March 10, 2010 by admin  
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Suggestions for Woman on Carrying Self-Defense Products
Being a woman, sometimes you feel vulnerable in certain situations like walking alone in a dark parking garage, an empty parking lot or jogging alone and justifibly so. While basic common sense and keeping very alert while in these situations and knowing the surroundings is your best self defense [...]

?Fighting Dirty? is the Best Women?s Self Defense

March 1, 2010 by admin  
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Sadly, all too often, women are the target of violent crimes. Thinking with the mind of the predator, it only makes sense. They are often the easier targets. Knowing this, fighting dirty should be part of a course in women’s self defense.
The problem with most self defense courses is that they try to instill an [...]