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Reese Witherspoon Launches ‘Avon Believe World Tour’ For Prevention of Domestic Violence

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Actress launches ‘Avon Believe World Tour’
HOW DO you raise strong and confident daughters and sons respectful to women? By talking to them, according to actress Reese Witherspoon.
“It’s important to instill in them the idea that it’s very important to respect women, and for a woman to speak out to her partner [so that he] respects [...]

Murdered Woman’s Mom Turns Pain Into Crusade For Prevention of Domestic Violence.

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LAFAYETTE — The portrait of Abigail Robertson on the website does not speak of tragedy.
But the dates below the picture, Dec. 10, 1986-Dec. 11, 2007, hint at a disturbing tale.
Abigail was murdered the day after she turned 21 after attempting to untangle from an abusive relationship with Marcus Hightower, 26, the man later convicted [...]

Temporary Restraining Orders In New Jersey Domestic Violence Cases

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Definition of Domestic Violence
In general, domestic violence is defined as harmful acts used by one person to control the other. These acts may include physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, intentional isolation and/or financial control. The abuser may be a current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend or someone the person has had [...]