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Rape Victim Gets 3 Days In Jail For Contempt Of Court While Testifying In Her Rape Case

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DETROIT (WWJ) – A rape victim who spent three days in jail for contempt of court is back on the stand Friday in 36th District Court.
WWJ and Fox 2 Legal Analyst Charlie Langton says the victim was testifying in a rape case when things got a little heated.
“She was being aggressively cross-examined by the defense [...]

Predictors of Physical Abuse in a Relationship-15 Known Factors

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The following factors increase the likelihood of a partner being abused in a relationship:
A woman who was abused as child can feel it is normal to get abused in life and so would not negotiate to be treated with respect by the husband. A husband with violent temper and who is very possessive in [...]

Fear Of Going On The Streets

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It’s a shame! Several rape cases in the capital itself have unfortunately left those women devastated.
The college girl of Maulana Azad Medical College was traumatised the same way called as a gang rape. A gang rape in 2002 committed by three minors who dragged the fourth year medical student to the ruins of the fort [...]

Something I Said-If You’re An Abuser, Stop

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Something I Said
If You’re An Abuser, Stop
Dwight Hobbes
MN Spokesman-Recorder If you’re in a relationship and are abusing that person, stop. It isn’t easy, but it is that simple. Cut it out. Leave. Let them go. Whichever it takes. We’ll assume, for [...]

When Love Breaks Down

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   The country’s two-year old domestic violence law faces its litmus test. Are battered women fighting back?

Cycle of Violence
The reasons why women stay in such a toxic, and sometimes life-threatening, relationships are varied.

Before any violence occurs, tension builds up within the abuser and between the couple. This is followed by a violent outburst from [...]

Recognizing Relationships That May Lead To Domestic Violence

March 21, 2010 by admin  
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You’ve read about domestic violence, but you knew that could never happen to you. When you first met he was Prince Charming. He was attentive, hanging on your every word, fascinated by everything you said. He would wait on you, getting you drinks and things, even if you didn’t ask. He would bring you gifts [...]