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Man Accused of Killing Girlfriend Says He Did It And He’s Glad – Sexually Assaulted Her Body And Sent a Picture of Her Corpse To Friend

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HOLIDAY, FL — The man charged with brutally murdering and raping the 22-year-old mother of his son said he feels neither sadness nor remorse.
“I have never been more at peace with myself, ever,” Thomas Cacacie, 26, said Monday during an interview with the Times at the Land O’Lakes jail. “I feel like now she’s in [...]

Something I Said-If You’re An Abuser, Stop

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Something I Said
If You’re An Abuser, Stop
Dwight Hobbes
MN Spokesman-Recorder If you’re in a relationship and are abusing that person, stop. It isn’t easy, but it is that simple. Cut it out. Leave. Let them go. Whichever it takes. We’ll assume, for [...]

Something I Said-Rape Legalized In Maryland

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Insight News archives March 07
SIS/Maryland Legalizes Rape
Dwight Hobbes In Minnesota, a man can be sitting at home, minding his own business. Clear across town a woman can pick up the phone, call the cops and claim he threatened her. He will [...]