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Pepper Spray and Self Defense

September 16, 2010 by admin  
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Pepper Spray and Self Defense
In magazines and on the net, there are bountiful articles relating to martial arts moves for self defenseSelf defense training itself often consists of the strikes and kicks that you would call martial arts moves.  However, there is so much more to personal safety than learning the ins and outs [...]

Mace As A Personal Security Measure

April 18, 2010 by admin  
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Ever get creeped out walking through an empty parking structure after a late night at work? Live in an area that has crime problems? For many, mace is a personal security option that provides a bit of comfort in such circumstances.
Mace is a spray that can be used to repel someone that is attempting [...]

Protecting Yourself and Your Family With Self Defense Products

April 5, 2010 by admin  
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If you were faced with a personal safety emergency could you or would you be able to product yourself and loved ones? If so would you use physical self defense techniques such as street fighting or martial arts? Every 36 seconds someone is assaulted in the United States. A burglary is occurring every 14 seconds, [...]

What are the Effects of Pepper Spray on your Attacker

April 4, 2010 by admin  
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Have you ever been sprayed with pepper spray? There is pain associated with being sprayed and it is very uncomfortable. If you can imagine a really bad case of a sunburn on your face, a very hot burning sensation in the back of your mouth and sore eyes, you will have some idea of the [...]

Domestic Violence Facts: The Affect Of Domestic Violence On The Workplace

March 26, 2010 by admin  
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No woman should live in fear, uncertainty, or receive physical or mental abuse from another individual.Many women suffer the consequences of domestic violence and are at a loss as to what to do or where to go. They often hide signs of abuse from friends, family, and coworkers, and the situation worsens out of fear [...]

Pepper Spray for Self Defense – Cost Effective, Non-lethal, Instant Stopping Power

March 8, 2010 by admin  
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Statistics confirm that 1 in 4 Americans will be a victim of violent crime. Think about it, everyday we turn on the television what do we see and hear about. Someone was raped, someone was shot, someone was killed. The fact is crime is all around us. It doesn’t matter if you live in a [...]

Drink Detective? Tests For Date Rape Drugs

February 26, 2010 by admin  
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Several years ago a friend of mine was out with some girl friends at a local college nightclub. That night some guys slipped something in her drink. Later that night she was raped by multiple men. About six months later she committed suicide and it is believed that the date rape incident was the direct [...]