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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Learn To Identify Signs Of Domestic Violence

October 21, 2011 by admin  
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While husband hitting, pushing, slapping, or yelling at his wife can be examples of domestic violence, it is not a complete picture of what domestic violence really is.

Domestic violence can be physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, psychological or emotional abuse, and animal abuse. It is not uncommon to see a victim being restricted from friends and family, prohibited from having a job, prevented from using the telephone or the family car, and being denied access to credit cards, clothing, or food.

The bottom line for a domestic violence perpetrator is control. The abuser will threaten to report the victim to law enforcement if they try to defend themselves or if the victim tries to call the police. In cases where the victim is an undocumented alien, an abuser will frequently threaten to call immigration officials if he or she does not follow the abuser’s orders.
Emotional or psychological abuse are among the most common forms of abuse as they do not leave physical scars and marks and are often harder for others to detect.

Some victims do not even recognize they are being emotionally or psychologically abused.

The signs of emotional abuse are subtle and may include:

*Your partner does not honor your privacy.

*Your partner threatens to abuse your animals.

*Your partner does not respect your boundaries.

*Your partner does not appreciate your experiences and/or your feelings.

*Your partner is not willing to have mutual involvement in your interests.

*Your partner does not honor you for who and what you are.

*Your partner uses coldness or alienation as a form of punishment or as a control mechanism.

A criminal charge of domestic violence can be added to any crime against a person, property or animal when the criminal behavior was used as a method of control, punishment or intimidation and the perpetrator is in or was in an intimate relationship with the victim.

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