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Monday, January 26, 2015

Bad Economy = More Crime! Might be Time to get a Pepper Spray!

April 18, 2010 by admin  
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Bad Economy = More Crime! Might be Time to Get a Pepper Spray!


With this terrible economy that we are currently faced with, making life difficult for us all, there are even more purse and wallet snatchers , which makes our lives even more complicated. Today, self defense items are a good idea. Many folks around the USA are choosing to carry a non-lethal self defense item such as a pepper spray! Even if they never need to use the pepper spray, they like the “peace of mind” that they get from carrying it, and at least they have it with them, “just in case!”


Even if you live in a safe town or area, you just never know what might happen! If you go out in public, you should always lock you car door while driving, as well as, when you get to a place of business, where you will park the car, even if only for “one minute.” In fact, you should get into the habit of always locking your car from now on, if you don’t already, even when it is parked in your own driveway. It also couldn’t hurt to keep a pepper spray in the car, and you should always be prepared, just in case somebody tries to mess with you!


After nightfall, when you are leaving a store, school, business, or house of worship, or even in your own neighborhood while walking the dog, it is a good idea to walk at a brisk pace, stay in the well lighted areas, and avoid any areas that are dark, even with a pepper spray in your pocket. The places where potential attackers could be looming should always be avoided, and even if they only wanted to steal your money, and not hurt you, it is still traumatizing to get robbed!


We all have heard it said that if a person ever needs help, that instead of shouting, “Help me, help me,” it is actually better to yell, “Fire! Fire!” For some strange reason, people are more likely to help in the case of fire, but the word “help,” scares some folks away. A loud and strong battery-operated electronic whistle can also effectively attract help in the same way. Perhaps you need one of those as well!


Whenever you need to visit an ATM, why not do so during the day while the sun is shining? Why take the chance, after dark, considering the way that things are today? Maybe you don’t even have to visit an ATM anymore; you can actually go into the bank during business hours. This common sense move will help you to stay away from potential problems, and using ATMs after dark is certainly not a good idea for anyone, at least not anymore. Whether day or night, be sure to carry your pepper spray everywhere you go! If you don’t yet have one, then you should visit Women’s Self Defense Federation where they have the greatest selection and prices on pepper sprays and anything else you need to protect yourself!  


Stephanie Garner, is a retired Flight Attendant, who has traveled thru out US and Europe. Self Defense and Security is her passion, having witnessed and been vitimized by crime. Be Prepared to protect yourself, your family and your home..Do Not Be the Victim! Be the Protector!

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